Extra Power For Your Promotions!

Below I’ve listed a deep insights of how the avatar feels. Feel free to use this intel to boost the strength  promotional materials!

Power Phrases To Use In Your Promo Materials:

-He pulls away.

-He’s lost interest in me.

-He never pays attention to me anymore.

-He doesn’t desire me like he used to.

-I feel like we’re roomate more than true lovers.

-I never hear an I love you anymore.

-We just don’t have a connection anymore.

-What happened to the guy I fell in love with?

-I want his attention again.

-Am I not attractive to him anymore?

-I know that he loves me, but don’t really think that he’s “in love” with me.

-There’s zero romance

-I can’t even remember the last time he wanted to have sex. There is no physical contact, no hugging, no kissing.  When we go to bed, he doesn’t even say “goodnight” or give me a goodnight kiss.

-When he’s home, he doesn’t really talk to me or spend time with me.  And on his days off, he usually takes off for most of the day to do “his thing”, whether that’s hunting, hiking, fishing or hanging out with friends.

-All I want is some passion, some interest on his part to want to be with me even if it’s just a fraction of the time he devotes to his hobbies. But when I’ve told him all this, all he says is “I don’t know what to tell you.”

-It just makes me feel so ugly, knowing he has a woman in the same bed as him, yet he’d rather watch porn.-I want to FEEL like he really wants me.

-I feel like he’s only here because of the kids.-He shows more affection to our kids and pets than with me!

-Every time I try and talk to him about our relationship, he says its my fault, or says, “this is just the way I am.”

-I wish he’d go back to how he used to be, so affectionate and loving.

-I’m crying I’m bleeding in my heart and he sleeps like I do not exist.

-I am not his special someone anymore. I just feel worthless in my marriage.

-It breaks my heart to think that he just doesn’t love me like I love him.

-I yearn to be close to him, to be hugged, to be wanted.

How She Feels About The Problem:

-I feel alone.-I feel like I don’t exist in his eyes.

-I feel frustrated when I try to talk to him about his lack of affection, because he says he feels nothing is wrong, or I’m ungrateful, or it’s my fault.

-I feel ugly that he doesn’t desire me anymore. He wont even look at me anymore.

-I feel he’s changed. He’s not the same man I met.

-I cry myself to sleep knowing he doesn’t feel the same way I feel about him.

-I feel trapped, because I can’t leave because of the kids.

-I feel like I’m becoming a bitter, resentful woman with the lack of intimacy and affection.

-I can’t live the rest of my life like this.What She Wishes:

-I wish he would go back to how he used to be.

-I wish I could have a passionate, flourishing relationship like other women I know.

-I wish I would have never stayed this long.

-Sometimes I want to cheat, just to feel the passion and love from a man again.

-I wish he knew how much his lack of affection hurts me.

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