Rebrandable Report

What To Do With This Report:

Give it away! Seriously, once you follow the instructions below and hardcode the report with your affiliate link, use this as a giveaway ┬áto your email list as goodwill, opt-in bribe to gain subscribers, on your blog, on the “thank you” page of one of your own products… the sky’s the limit really.

How To Brand and Download Your Report:

Step 1: Simply enter your affiliate I.D. in the box below

Step 2: Click the “Generate Affiliate Links” button

Step 3: Once page refreshes, scroll down below the ebook graphic, then click the blue “Rebrand and Generate” button

Step 4: PROFIT! The report is now hard-coded with your affiliate link. All links throughout the report will lead to the video sales letter in your name.

**Note** ALWAYS recheck the links throughout the report to make sure your affiliate I.D. is attatched.

Trinity Code Rebrandable Report

Hey! Enter your Affiliate ID to rebrand and generate report: